Cartwright Motor Group Service

The service department at Cartwright Euro employs some of the most highly experienced Renault technicians in Australia. So good are the team that the Cartwright service department was named number one in Australia in 2006 and 2007 for customer satisfaction in surveys conducted by Renault Australia.

After Sales Manager Craig Roberts was awarded by Renault for his outstanding service work by being selected to fill an honorary position in the 2007 ING Renault F1 team at the Melbourne Formula One Grand Prix.

This year Cartwright Euro also filled an honorary position in the 2008 ING Renault F1 team at Melbourne with Sean Trethey, Workshop Manager wining the challange to join them in the pits while Craig Roberts was awared for his efforts up stairs in the team suite with Richard Rayson our Parts Manager.

Our great service team managered to top all this when Jamie Cartwright & Craig Roberts were flown to Paris as the only Australian Renault Dealer to receive an International Award from Carlos Ghosn, The Renault Global Quality Award. They then were invited for a very personal visit to the Renault ING F1 Team facility at Enstone in England.

Service Tips

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In Today’s Environment, Politicians Must Focus on Reputation Management

In Today’s Environment, Politicians Must Focus on Reputation Management
Gone are the days when people received their daily news from a print newspaper or an evening television broadcast. Since the introduction of the internet and cable news networks into American homes, you can access news 24 hours a day. Because of this change in the way news is communicated to the masses, reputation management is more important than ever before. Reputation management is especially vital for politicians. Because a false rumor can be replayed hundreds, or even thousands, of times online and on television in a short timeframe, politicians must work hard to preserve their reputations with potential voters. If you are an aspiring politician, you should seek reputation management help sooner rather than later. When a crises arises, your reputation management team will help you resolve it quickly and thoroughly. For instance, suppose someone attacks your position on an important issue such as abortion. To expertly defend your stance, you need to have a team of skilled reputation management professionals on your side. They can develop a proactive plan to get your message concerning abortion to the public in a compassionate and sincere manner. Your team of staffers can also help mold your overall image. For example, do you struggle with appearing stiff and unfeeling whenever you speak to potential voters? Your reputation management team can portray you in a positive, intimate light through various media outlets. 

To enjoy lasting success in politics, you must surround yourself with the right professionals. Besides campaign managers, fundraising experts, and a clerical staff, you need to hire people who will safeguard your reputation like it was their very own names to protect. 


Youth Insearch Serves At-Risk Youth

Youth Insearch Serves At-Risk Youth

Youth Insearch is a community organisation in Castle Hill, NSW that helps adolescents aged 12 years old to 17 years old resolve pressing issues that affect them through peer counseling. As an early-intervention program, Youth Insearch works closely with welfare agencies, schools and police departments to identify youth who may be “at-risk” and can benefit from the program.

The goals of the organization’s program are to reduce crime, abuse of drugs and alcohol, deter binge drinking and help avert suicide while simultaneously improving the self-esteem and productivity of young people. Many of the youth referred to the program have participated in anti-social behavior and have participated in acts of self-harm to escape from the harsh realities of daily life. One of the most notable aspects of Youth Insearch’s programs is that many youth you have graduated from its programs return to act as peer counselors and to help other young participants through their own issues and offer real-life suggestions on how to get through difficulties.

Youth Insearch services young people in Sydney and surrounding communities such as Hills District, Hawkesbury, Nepean and Blue Mountains, the Mid North Coast, Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast, North Queensland along with Melbourne and nearby communities like Gippsland and Heidelberg in Victoria.